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Traditional food in Peru

If you ask any traveler who has already been to Peru, they will confirm that the food in Peru is amazing and they will be totally right. Traditional dishes include anticuchos, pan con chicharon, ceviche, jalea, chicha morada and many others. For the drink options it is the national soda and something more local such as Inca Cola that many foreigners fancy. However, it is very probable that any of the names mentioned above sound strange to you, so in this article we briefly describe what each tradition Peru dish is and how it is made.

Let’s start with Anticuchos. Anticuchos is a traditional meat dish of Peru originally made from beef hearts, however, the main ingredient can be easily replaced by beef cubes. The dish is made on skewers and grilled over barbecue or any other grill. Prior to cooking the meat is marinated in the mix of garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil, chili and cumin. This gives a very specific flavor to the meat and together with smoke from the grill makes it indeed amazing. The meat should not be marinated for too long as marinade can overkill the natural flavor of the meat, thus two or three hours is more than enough. This makes the meat tender and succulent. The side dish consists typically of steamed corn and potatoes.

The next traditional dish is pan con chicharon which is also present in other countries as well as Peru. The dish is made from pork and pork skin and is widespread all over Latin America. The main ingredient is fresh pork belly with spare stripes of meat. As you can imagine, the fat plays the main role here as the dish is all about the fat! This may sound not that attractive, however, Peruvians make it extremely delicious. The dish does not come in big quantities and is more about the flavor rather than large serving sizes.

Another dish that is one of the favorites in Peru is ceviche, which is also widespread all over South America. The dish is made from raw fish cut in small cubes. It is marinated in citrus fruit, either lemon or lime and extra chill is added. This dish has a long standing history dating back to the first inhabitants of Peru including the Incas, who first discovered the healthy attributes of raw fish mixed with lemon juice and chillies. Lime adds fresh touch to the flavor, yet retaining the fish flavor as well. There are many more dishes that would thrill your tastes, but the best way to try them is to visit Peru!