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A Glimpse into the Commercial Centre of Lima: Miraflores Peru

Miraflores Lima is one of the 43 districts which make up the capital Peru.  It is an important commercial centre as well as a tourist and cultural hub which is located south of the capital.  The area of Miraflores covers an area of just under 10 square kilometres and is home to a population of approximately 90,000 who enjoy the many beaches and the tourist feel of this area of Peru.

One of the great features of this area of Lima is the architecture, the culture and the local people who call this area home.  As with many of the cities in Peru, this part of Lima, the Miraflores has a mix of modern and ancient architecture and is a magnet for tourists who are also wanting world class restaurants and great beaches.

Miraflores is a great place for tourists to visit as this area contains a huge amount of hotels and accommodation to suit all budgets and is close to the main airport for the area.  People who visit this area of Peru can dine at the many restaurants in this region as well as enjoying shopping on offer from souvenir shops to the modern Larco Mar shopping complex.

If you are planning on visiting Miraflores give yourself a couple of days to enjoy this district as there are quite a few things for tourists to see and do.  One of the many attractions to Miraflores is the architecture of the place as it has influences from the Baroque and the Renaissance periods especially with the buildings that surround the Plaza de Armas.  A part from the architecture, visitors to this area are also attracted to the beaches and the entertainment such as cafes and hotels that populate this part of Miraflores.

As with many of the areas of Peru, it is a good idea to go on a tour or hire a guide to take you around the area of Miraflores so that you don’t miss anything.  Local knowledge is great especially if you are new to the area and don’t know where to start.  Local guides or tours can be booked locally and can give you a good feel for the area.  Once you have checked out Miraflores with a tour group or guide you can then go back to the areas that interested you the most and spend some more time.

Miraflores, part of the commercial centre of Lima, is a great tourist destination that offers much for the interested traveller.  If you are planning a visit give yourself a few days to explore this region.