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Callao Peru: Popular Tourist Destination and Important Port City

Callao is a coastal suburb which is part of Lima and is a popular destination for tourists and also an important port city for Peru.  Tourists are attracted to this area especially during the summer as Callao has beautiful sandy beaches and views out to the Pacific Ocean.   This location is a favourite with tourists as the capital Peru is close by and Callao has developed to cater for tourism by building and developing infrastructure such as accommodation for the numerous tourists that visit every year.

Callao is sometimes referred to as a city but is actually part of the metropolitan area of Lima.  Many people who visit this area come from nearby Lima and are delighted by the many tourist attractions and also the beautiful sandy beaches.  A part from the beaches in and around La Punta there are a number of other tourist attractions in this area such as Puerto del Callao which has been a departure point for many ships over the last 500 years and also the Isla El Fronton and other Islands which are a short boat trip from the main land.  Many of these attractions offer a glimpse at the history of Callao especially the history surrounding the ports in this area.

Other tourist attractions in Callao include various landmarks which show the importance of this area to Peru’s history.  While visiting parts of Callao you will see many monuments and statues that celebrate the life and achievements of many important people who influenced both this area and Peru.  The district of Callao is also home to the National University and for people who enjoy looking at a country’s history Callao is also home to the Fortaleza del Real Felipe an impressive fortress that was built in the 1740s.  Another tourist attraction is the Plaza Grau which celebrates the life of Miguel Maria Grau Seminario who was Peru’s most famous admiral.  There are also many statues and monuments to other great Peruvians and many are within walking distance of the larger tourist attractions.

For visitors who are thinking of spending some time in Callao there are many great places to eat, stay and visit.  Walking around this area is a great way to see and immerse yourself in this great area of Peru.  The weather can be just beautiful so remember to take your swimmers and towel for a great day at La Punta on the beach.