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Please Your Hunger With Peruvian Restaurants

If you are looking for cuisine that is both diverse and full of flavour then eating at a Peruvian restaurant is a good choice.  Cuisine from Peru has two main influences, the Spanish and also the traditional native Peruvians.  The Spanish influence can be seen in many of the dishes that have come to define […]

Peruvian Desserts

Peruvian cuisine is unique in that it reflects the country’s diverse immigrant influences, from Chinese and Japanese to Spanish, Italian, and West African. And while a visitor’s first stop might be a seaside restaurant for a taste of ceviche—arguably the star of Peruvian cuisine—Peruvian desserts are not to be brushed aside, either. The intercontinental flair […]

Peruvian Restaurant Named One of World’s Best

Its façade is grand yet unassuming: that of a quiet colonial house overlooking a side street near Lima’s Parque Central. But Astrid y Gastón is far from unknown. Arguably the best restaurant in Peru, it is part of a growing international chain owned by celebrity chef and restaurateur Gastón Acurio and his wife, Astrid. Its […]

October in Lima – The Purple Month

In Lima, October is known as el mes morado, the purple month. Why? Purple is the color worn by the faithful who follow the processions of the most venerated religious image in Peru: El Señor de los Milagros, the Lord of Miracles, a uniquely Peruvian image of Jesus Christ. During October, in the colonial center […]

Inca Kola: The Curious Peruvian Cola

What is that strange yellow beverage everyone is drinking? It’s the first question a Peruvian food newbie asks when confronted with Peru’s ubiquitous soda: Inca Kola. It’s a drink people either love or hate, but personal preferences aside, it has an interesting history in the annals of the global carbonated beverage world. It really is […]