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Callao Peru: Popular Tourist Destination and Important Port City

Callao is a coastal suburb which is part of Lima and is a popular destination for tourists and also an important port city for Peru.  Tourists are attracted to this area especially during the summer as Callao has beautiful sandy beaches and views out to the Pacific Ocean.   This location is a favourite with tourists […]

Learning Spanish in Peru

Ask anyone who’s had to learn or teach a second language, and they’ll be quick to say that it’s all about immersion. You can learn all the grammar and spelling rules, and even read literature in that language, but if you don’t pit yourself against native speakers, not much of it will stick. That’s why […]

Peru’s Protected Areas Boost Tourism Industry

The Machu Picchu remains the country’s icon for tourist activity, but Peru’s numerous protected areas—currently a hundred strong, including privately owned and locally administered ones—are contributing just as much to national tourism. Traffic to these areas is growing by about 18% every year, according to local journal El Comercio. Sernanp, Peru’s national agency in charge […]

The Northern Ruins and Peru’s Tourism vs. Conservation Battle

The Machu Picchu’s reputation does it justice—the kingdom that once ruled from its heights was every bit as grand as we now imagine. But other Peruvian ruins are getting far less attention than they deserve. Just outside Trujillo, a city some 350 miles north of Lima, lies the ruins of Galindo. At first glance it’s […]

Peru’s City of Cusco: Things to Amaze You

Many travellers arrive in Cusco as a stopping point before heading out to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu either by trekking the Inca Trail or catching the train which leaves from Cusco.  As well as being a gate way to the Inca trail and Machu Picchu, Cusco is an amazing place to visit and […]

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