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Online Passport Services

To a traveller, there are few things more important than a passport. You can’t get very far without it, and you’re asked for it at almost every point of your journey. Fortunately, getting a passport has never been easier: the government has an efficient online service, and you can online passport application forms from several […]

The Northern Ruins and Peru’s Tourism vs. Conservation Battle

The Machu Picchu’s reputation does it justice—the kingdom that once ruled from its heights was every bit as grand as we now imagine. But other Peruvian ruins are getting far less attention than they deserve. Just outside Trujillo, a city some 350 miles north of Lima, lies the ruins of Galindo. At first glance it’s […]

Peruvian Tourism Earns $10-Billion Yearly

Nature has always worked in Peru’s favor: its coastline makes for abundant fishing, diverse geography makes for excellent agriculture, and its gold supplies make it one of the world’s biggest producers of the precious metal. But it’s nature in its untouched form that’s proven the most lucrative so far for one of the fastest-growing economies […]

Costs when in Peru and money matters

Needless to say that the cost of travelling to and around Peru depends on what style of travelling you are targeting. If you are more of a backpacker and have a limited budget, then hostels, cheap eateries and budget trains and airfares is your cup of tea. Contrary to that, if you prefer more comfortable […]

Visa requirements for visiting or staying in Peru

As it is normal with many developing countries, entry visa are required for many nationalities. The good news about travelling to Peru is that if you are coming from EU, EEA, Australia, Asia, Pacific countries, South Africa and the Americas, you are not required to have tourist visa. The only condition is that you cannot […]

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