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Vaccinations recommended to have before travelling to Peru

There are no obligatory vaccination requirements when arriving in Peru, however, due to several health incidents in the past, tourists are encouraged to take several vaccinations against the most common diseases. One of them is the Yellow Fever vaccination. Especially if you are visiting infected area, it is crucial to have your vaccination certificate against […]

Traditional food in Peru

If you ask any traveler who has already been to Peru, they will confirm that the food in Peru is amazing and they will be totally right. Traditional dishes include anticuchos, pan con chicharon, ceviche, jalea, chicha morada and many others. For the drink options it is the national soda and something more local such […]

The Huarango Tree an ancient tree with a short future

In the area known as Ica which is just south of Peru there is a small grove of Huarango trees an endangered species that has been around for thousands of years.  The grove of trees is located at the edge of the city of Ica along the many sand dunes that dominate the environment.  This […]

Inventor in Peru is Painting the Mountain Peaks White

Inventor Eduardo Gold has embarked on an ambitious idea to coat a mountain summit in white paint in an experiment to see the effect on melting glaciers in the area.  The work has already begun and Gold and his team of painters have received $200,000 through an environmental grant organisation to complete the project. The […]

Peru’s Garcia and President Obama Met for Talks

Monday last week was the first official meeting between the leaders of Peru and the US to discuss issues relating to trade between these countries.  The white house was the venue for the talks that were specifically related to the bilateral free trade agreements between these two countries. President Obama congratulated the Peru President for […]

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