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Garcia struggles to build bridges between Peru and Chile

It’s still too soon to tell whether Peruvian president Alan Garcia can deliver on his election promise of “responsible change” to help reduce poverty and develop a more inclusive economy. But one area where he’s already broken with the recent past is in his promotion of closer links with Chile. If he can drag public […]

New Peruvian ambassador presents credentials to Hugo Chavez

New Peruvian ambassador to Venezuela, Dr. Luis Santa Maria Calderón on Thursday presented his credentials to president Hugo Chavez in a ceremony at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas. After the initial greeting and the handover of his diplomatic documents, Chavez engaged in a friendly conversation with historical references, the ties both countries unite since birth, […]

Ex-President Alejandro Toledo back in Peru – Update –

Ex-president Alejandro Toledo returned to his home country of Peru today via Ecuador to visit his sister Margarita who is suffering from cancer.He arrived at Lima’s Jorge Chávez International airport at 2:50 p.m. local time and was greeted by leaders of his political party “Peru Posible” and many of his followers. “I am glad and […]

Peru’s inflation over last 45 years is 216 billion per cent

A math degree doesn’t seem to help here, asking an astronomy expert instead seems to be more appropriate. According to an analysis of the Bradesco bank published in Thrusday’s edition of the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper, Brazil leads the world-wide ranking of inflation over the last 45 years with more than 14.21 quadrillion percent […]

Peru’s Prime Minister humbly admits mistake

Peru’s prime minister Jorge del Castillo is currently addressing the Parliament in regard to his ill-fated appointment of Alberto Pandolfi, ex-minister under the Alberto Fujimori regime, as executive director for the National ‘El Niño’ Prevention Program. Del Castillo acknowledged that the designation was “a political mistake”. “I humbly admit this was a mistake (…) I […]

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