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Aircraft Inspection Services

Aircraft inspection is a vital part of any air transport service. With the rigors of air travel, an aircraft goes through a good deal of wear and tear every time it takes off and touches down, and obviously in between. Regular maintenance checks ensure not just the safety of everyone on board, but also efficient […]

Walking in Lima….. is different

Public transportation in Lima is ……different. Walking is my favorite form of transportation in Lima and I do it just about every day without fail. The biggest downfall of walking is that, well, if you walk in Lima, you will eventually have to cross the street. And cars drive in the street. I’ve heard that […]

Taxis in Lima, Peru

I was just getting ready to write about the incredible experience of riding in cabs through Lima, when I ran across this article which is so accurate and well written, that I rather pass it along instead of bothering you with my lack of articulation…. by Travis A. Smith There is one taxi driver for […]

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