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Mystic Tourism in Peru

Mystic tourism has a very New Age sound to it. One would imagine a group of hippies gathered round a shaman, caught up in a ritual straight out of a campy 90s thriller. But make no mistake about it: the term has been gaining credibility throughout South America, drawing not just the adventurous but the […]

Island Getaway: A Guide to Hilton Head, South Carolina

Culture, history, nature, and luxury come together in Hilton Head, a resort town in Beaufort County, South Carolina. The area boasts over 40 golf courses, hundreds of tennis courts, 50 miles of scenic trails, water sports, fishing, historic sites, theaters, and a beautiful stretch of coastline. No wonder it’s one of the fastest growing tourist […]

Plan the Perfect Puerto Peñasco Vacation With Seaside Mexico

Rocky Point, known better to locals as Puerto Peñasco, lights up Mexico’s Baja Peninsula with its scenic beaches, luxury hotels, and wealth of activities year-round. There’s a lot more on offer than swimming and sunbathing, from fishing and watersports to golf and inland tours. Indeed, the challenge here isn’t finding something to do, but choosing […]

Peru Climate

Peru has one of the world’s most diverse climates. Of the 32 world climate classifications, no less than 28 are found in Peru, with various microclimates tucked into its numerous valleys and mountainsides. This is largely because of the Humboldt Current, a cooling current that runs through most of South America’s western coast, and the […]

Best Rated B and B Hotels in Peru

Many people who travel to South America generally include a visit to Peru in their trip.  Tourists who visit Peru enjoy a vibrant city that has everything you need for a great holiday.  People visiting Peru can enjoy things such as the unique architecture, traditional Peruvian influences, the stretch of beaches in the Miraflores district […]

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