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Tourism Investment Expected to Exceed $100 Million

Tourism is expected to keep playing a significant role in the Peruvian economy over the next few years, with investments expected to exceed $100 million in the medium term, local news agency Andina reported last week. The announcement was made last Tuesday by Mara Seminario, Peru’s Tourism Deputy Minister. Ms. Seminario said the growth can […]

Peru’s Best Beaches

Despite the great expanse of ocean to its west, Peru isn’t well known for its beaches. Most of its 1,800-mile coastline is strewn with desert, which, although pretty in its own right, isn’t exactly the country’s strong suit. If you’re after sun and surf, its neighbors Colombia and Ecuador are much better choices. That being […]

Safety Tips for Peru Travelers

Visitors should always keep a vigilant eye when visiting in Peru.  Although tourist spots are generally safe, street crime is rampant, and tourists, with their pricey gear and often cash-loaded purses, are a popular target. The most important piece of advice is to blend in, and not to wear anything that even remotely suggests you’ve […]

Peru’s Protected Areas Boost Tourism Industry

The Machu Picchu remains the country’s icon for tourist activity, but Peru’s numerous protected areas—currently a hundred strong, including privately owned and locally administered ones—are contributing just as much to national tourism. Traffic to these areas is growing by about 18% every year, according to local journal El Comercio. Sernanp, Peru’s national agency in charge […]

Peru Treks – What to Expect

For the traveller who is looking for a great trekking holiday that features both the beauty of nature as well as spectacular ruins from ancient times then a Peru Trek may be just the type of holiday you are looking for.  Before you make the decision to go and book a trek in Peru it […]

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