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Lima: travel attraction of Peru

Interestingly, Lima is not always a tourist attraction of Peru that people become fond of from the first sight. And there are several understandable reasons why. Even though the city is amazing in terms of what it has to offer, it has several characteristics that are likely to drive you mad when you first come […]

Gocta Waterfalls in Peru

Up until recently, the Gocta waterfalls were not on the major attraction list in Peru. However, after their great discovery in 2005 we now know that northern Peru has something quite special to offer. It is considered to be the third largest waterfall in the world (although there is still some dispute over this) . […]

Rio Amazonas Peru

When people holiday in exotic countries their general  wish is to emerse themselves in the culture and enjoy the sights and experiences that are sometimes off the beaten track.  Many of these types of experiences are the ones that you will remember for years to come.  For those people who are visiting Peru, it is […]

The sunrise over Machu Picchu is an unforgetable experience

Many tourists that come to Machu Picchu say that the most amazing moment while visiting this place is when the sun rises over the land of the ancient Incas and it takes your breath away. What can be more fascinating than standing on the top of the mountain range and be able to witness one […]

The mystery and attraction of the Sacred Valley in Peru

Sacred Valley is one of the most amazing attractions to visit in Peru. Natural questions that come to mind are why it is called Sacred Valley, where it is located and why it is special and deserves a visit. Sacred Valley offers an amazing combination of breath taking scenery, historical artefacts, archaeological sites, sports travel […]

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