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Costs when in Peru and money matters

Needless to say that the cost of travelling to and around Peru depends on what style of travelling you are targeting. If you are more of a backpacker and have a limited budget, then hostels, cheap eateries and budget trains and airfares is your cup of tea. Contrary to that, if you prefer more comfortable travel with good hotels, stunning views and restaurants, then the cost range will be higher. Let’s start with backpackers. Youth hostels are cheap and if you use buses as means of transportation, then your rough daily spending would be aorund USD 30. This is if you are renting a bed in a dorm rather than a separate room. If you would like a separate room, decent but not luxury restaurants and the occasional use of taxis this takes it up to roughly USD 80- 120 per day. Finally if you prefer more luxury travel with all-inclusive and pre organised options, then the price increases exponentially depending on which tour operators you use and which places you choose to visit and stay at.

It is very typical and common to bargain in Peru. Thus, if your negotiation skills are good, try to use them as much as possible. Considering that being a foreigner means being, most of the time, slightly overcharged, you can easily push price down with confidence. There are many good food deals offered at local places that are of good quality and value for money. Expect to spend no more than USD 10 per several course meals.

If you are going to Cusco, expect to pay slightly higher as this is a popular tourist destination. There are good deals on multiple ticket offers that specifically target tourists. For instance, there is Boleto Turistico General (BTG) which you should buy in advance and it allows you to travel to tourist sites over ten days. BTG for ten days cost you roughly 150 soles or USD 60. If you decide to take a tour of the valley, then expect to pay around USD 30 per person per day for the tours. If you prefer travelling individually, then use minibuses and shared taxes called combis and colectivos that go daily to the Sacred Valley. Prices range for minibuses from four to ten soles which is roughly up to four dollars and for taxis for day tours of roughly USD 60.

Whichever way you prefer to save or expand costs, it is better to do planning in advance which you build your expectations on prices and locations in Peru.