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Fashion in Lima: Luciano Benetton presents his Peruvian alpaca wool collection

Peruvian cotton and alpaca wool were the protagonists in a fashion parade presenting the new 2007 autumn-winter collection of Italian brands ‘United Colors of Benetton’ and ‘Sisley’ at Lima’s Jockey Plaza shopping center last Monday.

The fashion items, which are supposed to make a big splash in Europe, were mostly casual-wear with full, bright typical Peruvian colors, predominantly orange, fuchsia, purple, green and yellow.

Most combinations were, including dress coats and chompas, were made with Peruvian raw material known for its impressive quality, said world famous designer Luciano Benetton who presented the parade.

“Peru will always be a source of inspiration for us. In this collection the county of Peru is present in all our brands and styles through the raw materials we used for our designs like cotton, wool, especially alpaca. We hope we can soon include more Peruvian textile sources and styles”, he declared and assured that Peru is on a world-wide level when it comes to fashion avant-garde.

“Peru does not have to envy the great fashion capitals in the world like Madrid, Milan or Beijing because of its colors, tendencies and high-quality material demonstrated in this beautiful parade of Saga Falabella”, he remarked.

It is not the first time that Luciano Benetton visits Peru. He revealed that on two occasions he visited several towns in the Peruvian Andean mountains searching for high-quality wools like alpaca and vicuña to bring his designs to life.

The show also presented the new Sisley collection which included more formal proposals like dresses for the evening with predominating pastel colors like pink and turquoise, but also of course the ever popular black and red.

The show started off with a presentation of typical Peruvian dances and the introduction of various personalities representing Peruvian culture. The Peruvian models marched down the catwalk with hairstyles and accessories of Peruvian origin, like chullos and pompones with the typical colors of Peru’s sierras.

For this year, the Benetton group looks for an overall sales increase of six to ten percent.

In Peru, 77 percent of the sales by the Benetton group belongs to the brand “United Color of Benetton” and the rest belongs to the Sisley brand which was just reintroduced to the Peruvian market last year.

Article by Wolfy Becker