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Feed the Piranhas in the Rainforests of Peru

Many people come to Peru to see its astounding and breathtaking rainforest which must be explored in order to get a feel of how Incas that came into the area in the twelfth century have explored it similar way. You can choose a more civilised way to explore the Amazonia rainforest which is by boat rather than on foot. Taking a boat ride down the Amazon River into the in-depth jungles is indeed an unforgettable experience. Along the way, you can see how locals perform their daily activities such as women washing their clothes in the river, men sitting near their huts which are picturesquely built on the banks of the river and the children running around. And this is all in the middle of the jungle! The next step is to arrive to Iquitos from where you can book tours to go deeper into the jungle. There are different options offered for all types of tourists – it can be the more budget options such as camping and treking or at the other end of the scale, a luxury boat with on board accommodation (Ceiba Tops) that has all the perks of well-developed civilisation.

When you are in the rainforest, you can experience fishing for famously blood-thirsty fish – piranhas. You will note that it is not the common fishing you would expect, but something  rather unique. Your bait is raw meat that you throw into the murky water. Piranhas vigorously start biting and in a blink of an eye you should have one of those crazy creatures ready to be cooked for your own dinner. Alternatively, you can take a boat to spot special dolphins that are rare in colour and would surprise you with shades of pink. If you are more of an adventurous type, then try to explore Lake Titicaca that is part of the area of rainforest. It is positioned near the border with Bolivia and is indeed a never to be forgotten experience for those who love adventure. The lake area, apart from the view, offers great markets and local shops as well as cosy eateries.

Wherever you go in the rainforest, make sure you acclimatise and move relatively slowly with your journey. It is the Andes and it is very high in altitude which can cause  severe headaches due to change in the pressure. Thus, take one step at a time and if you feel nauseated in the rainforest, try to rest for a day without rushing into another adventure. This can save you from trouble, considering that you do not want to fall over into the pond with piranhas or fall from the cliff.