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Going to Nazca Peru: How To See The Nazca Lines For Real

For Peru, the Nazca Lines and the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu are the two most well know tourist attractions in the country.  The Nazca Lines and also the various pictures are etched into the desert area which is south of Nazca and is believed to be over 2,000 years old.  The lines and the various pictures where discovered in the 1920s and where originally thought to be the work of the Incas however they are now believed to be much older.  Despite investigations, discoveries of mummies and ceramics found in the area of the Nazca Lines very little is known about the origin or the meaning of these lines and pictures in the desert.

The Nazca Lines, huge trapezoids, animal figures and the long straight lines are etched into the ground over an area of the desert which is 500 square kilometres.  What is so amazing about these lines and also the pictures is the complexity of the designs and also to length of many of lines which can be over 7 kilometres in length.  The best way to experience the beauty and the wonder of the Nazca Lines is to fly over the area in either a plane or helicopter.

There are many tour operators to choose from when booking flights to see the Nazca Lines from the air and many have the flexibility of booking a flight with or without a planned tour.  Many flights leave early in the morning which is the best time to see the pictures and lines from the air and also the best time for photography of the area.  Flights over the Nazca Lines are a very popular tourist activity so many people book in advance to make sure that they don’t miss out.

The Nazca lines are best viewed from the air however visiting this area on foot is also an interesting experience.  Viewing the lines from the ground gives you a sense of the size and the huge area that the lines, symbols and pictures cover.  Visiting the desert also shows you how the lines were created.  The lines and the pictures were created by clearing the darkened Pampa stones that cover this desert area to expose the lighter sand underneath.

If you are planning a holiday that includes visiting Peru then it is highly recommended that you book  flight to view the Nazca Lines.  This experience will be a memorable one so remember to take your camera.