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Greetings from Norway! Peruvian Cynthia Rengifo’s picture gallery

Cynthia Rengifo Pereda is a young and handsome Peruvian model of 23 years. What makes her unique ? She is a strong candidate for making it to the Miss Norway finals held in Oslo this year.Cynthia has already advanced to the semifinals which will begin today and end on Friday, March 30th.

The young brown haired was born in Lima’s district of Jesus Maria and grew up in Callao which houses Peru’s biggest port just outside Lima. When she was 12 years old, her father Jorge Rengifo moved to Norway where she became a Norwegian citizen.

“I see Norway as my second home because Peru is Peru. I am a Peruvian with all my soul, heart and body. I’m so proud to be from Peru, I just love this country, the people and especially the food. I believe we have the best food in the whole world! I also love to
dance to all the various Latin rhythms, but I’m a Salsera by heart. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up in Callao”, she says.

“I like it here in Norway, but I miss my family and the people. Peruvians are more open, warm, outgoing and overall they just seem happier. People in Norway are very different and it was difficult for me to adapt and adjust during the first couple of years. I missed my family so much. You know, when you came from a big family that celebrates every birthday, Christmas and other events together, it seemed very strange when all of a sudden there were only 4 people sitting around the table on holidays. It was really hard, and it still is. But now are we 5. A few months after my mom could finally join us here in Norway, we welcomed a new family member. And we got Cielo”, she added with a big smile, referring to her Siberian Husky.

Besides being a dog lover, she is also a babysitter and volunteers for an organization dedicated to helping autistic children. With the support of her fellow student friends at the University she signed up for the beauty contest and has now become one of the favorites. The 166 cm (5-4 ft) tall young and exotic looking lady has drawn the attention of the Norwegian mass media who dedicated several pages to her.

She is also a good friend and avid reader of Journal Peru and appreciates all your support.

At the following Norwegian website you can submit your online vote for this beautiful and intelligent Peruvian/Norwegian youngster vying for the Miss Norway tiara.  Please click on the link below and then click on “Stem på meg” above her little image:

But hurry: voting ends on March 30th, 3 p.m. (Peruvian time)!

And a day later, on Saturday, we will know if she made it to the finals together with 11 other Norwegian beauties.

Cynthia’s own blog is at where she will personally respond to all questions and comments. Unfortunately her blog is written in the Norwegian language but she speaks and writes in Spanish and English as well.

A small collection of Cynthia’s photos: