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Lake Titicaca

A visit to the beautiful waters of Lake Titicaca will defiantly provide you with an unforgettable experience.  This unusual lake is situated at quite a high altitude, almost 4000 meters above sea level and is located between Peru and Bolivia.  The lake also holds the record as the highest commercially navigated lake in the world and is the biggest lake in the area of South America.

Many thousands of tourist come each year to see and experience Lake Titicaca as part of their holidays to both Peru and Bolivia.  The lake is quite large covering an area of approximately 8.5 km2 and is also visible from space.  The natural feature of the lake has been described as composing two large basin areas that are connected by a narrow straight through the middle.  The water that ends up in Lake Titicaca is from melted glacier ice, rainfall and from the five large rivers that feed into the lake system.  The lake also features more than 30 islands that are dotted in various locations around the lake area.

Tourist that take the time to visit and follow some of the history of this area will learn that Lake Titicaca was a very sacred place for the ancient civilisation of the Incas.  It has been said that the first Inca King was born near the lake and that Lake Titicaca was where the world was created.  Studies of Inca mythology have concluded that Incas believed that Viracocha the Inca god stepped from the waters of the lake and created the sun, the moon and the stars and also the first people.

Visitors to the Lake Titicaca should base themselves in the town of Puno which is located on the banks of the lake on the Peru side.  The town of Puno is said to be a beautiful place to visit with many tales of folklore originating in this town.  The town is also close to other attractions in Peru including Macchu Picchu and the beautiful town of Cusco.

Tours around the lake offer some great photo opportunities of this area as well as provide access to the many islands that are dotted around the lake.  The best way to see all the island and the many ruins that they hide is to join one of the many tours that leave daily from Puno.  Many of the islands have hidden ruins dating back to the Incas which you may miss if you decide to visit these places without a tour.  Lake Titicaca is defiantly worth a visit if you are planning to holiday in Peru or Bolivia and remember to take your camera.