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Lima, Peru: ‘Terrible hygienic conditions’ in Chinatown

Members of Peru’s public prosecutor’s office detected “terrible conditions regarding hygiene and security” in some of the restaurants in the Chinese district in downtown Lima, after conducting a surprise inspection.

District attorney Lina Loayza Alfaro, who headed the operation on Calle Capón, informed that among those restaurants – which are called “chifa” in Peru – were Chin Wo, Salón China, Capón, Fun Yen and Zhen Wei. Infractions included using rusted cookware, clogged kitchen drains, open trash cans, and dirty restrooms, among other irregularities.

The representatives of the Public Ministry also found the obstructed fire escapes, incomplete first-aid kits, and expired health licences.

The cited restaurants have 7 days to correct the deficiencies or they will face fines and possible closures. Nevertheless, authorities said that the majority or Chifa restaurants in Chinatown passed the inspection.

A traditional arch welcomes you to Lima’s Barrio Chino at the corner of Jirón Ucayali and Jirón Andahuaylas. The 700 block of Jirón Ucayali, right next to Lima’s Mercado Central, or Central Market, is known as Calle Capón.

Chinese food is readily available for purchase in el Barrio Chino. People come from all parts of the city to shop there.

This is a very busy and crowded part of the city, so please exercise caution, and be careful with your belongings. Whatever you do, it is recommended not to go past the Plaza Italia or Jirón Huanta. The area is historic but also dangerous for outsiders.

Also to biologists and chemistry-phamacists participated, who raised respective sanitary acts in each one of the taken part premises.

Article by Wolfy Becker