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Lima: travel attraction of Peru

Interestingly, Lima is not always a tourist attraction of Peru that people become fond of from the first sight. And there are several understandable reasons why. Even though the city is amazing in terms of what it has to offer, it has several characteristics that are likely to drive you mad when you first come to Peru. Firstly, the traffic. Secondly, it’s distant resemblance to anything traditional that you potentially expect from Peru – comparing it to the Andes and the Inca trails. Amazingly, Lima has a stunning selection of food and museums, architecture and other attractions to offer. If you think of Peru as a human body, then Lima is definitely its heart – vibrating, pulsing, pumping and energising. It has amazing combination of city, ocean and cliffs. If you would like to book a hotel before you get there, you can visit Lima hotels – to look through the options.

Lima is a great place to socialise and find new friends and mingle with locals. If you are a surfer, then Lima’s world- famous Waikiki surfing club is for you. You can combine sport, exquisite dining on rare seafood, clubbing and indulge in one of the ice-cream places. If you are in a ‘mood for love’, there is a Park of Love which is something similar to the Barcelona Paradise of Gaudi with lots of fun mosaics and many kissing couples.

Moreover, Lima is famous for colonial tourist attractions such as the upper class areas of work (such as downtown) and Clun Nacional that was specifically for gentlemen only with no passes for women allowed except in the dinner section. There is plenty of art deco and historical buildings. The presidential palace is likely to catch your breath as it has strong Spanish influences and was founded by Spanish conquerors at the beginning of the 16th century.

For those who favour more modern architecture, several years ago the Magical Circuit of Water opened in Lima which represents an art of combining different types of expressions – water, land, light, music. It has an amazing combination of more than ten fountains. The installation became part of the Guinness Records and is claimed to be better than the  singing fountains in Barcelona. What is special about Lima is the combination of the modern and historical sides and the atmospheres not found anywhere else in the world. This is definitely one of the most amazing attractions of Peru and should in no way be neglected by tourists who rush straight away to Machu Pichu or the Andes. You will be very pleasantly surprised by Lima.