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Mancora Peru

The north west area of Peru is home to the Talara province where many tourists both from Peru and internationally go to enjoy the year round temperate climate and the beautiful beaches.  The main town located in this region is the beach side Mancora which is where many tourists base themselves while visiting this area of Peru.

Mancora is very much as beach and tourist town with over 30 separate beach resorts and a large proportion of restaurants and night clubs located in this town.  This area is popular with tourists from all over the world and the beach areas and resorts are very accessible due to the influx of tourist dollars providing very efficient public transport and roads.

Many people that visit Mancora immediately fall in love with the beaches that are beautiful all year round.  The location of Mancora on the South Pacific American coast gives this area sunny warm weather all year.  The warm weather also provides the area with an abundance of marine life as well as rich flora and fauna which is located around the beaches and the resorts.

Many tourists come to Mancora to experience the great surfing beaches that are mostly an easy stroll from the many beach resorts.  This area has great breaks and is suitable for all levels of surfing ability.  Windsurfing is also popular on the beaches as the conditions are suitable for beginners through to the more experienced.

Mancora is a great place for both families and couples to holiday as there are a large variety of holiday packages and activities available.  Many of the resorts specialise in holidays for newlyweds as well as couples who are looking for a romantic beach holiday.  The large beach areas that a rarely crowded are also perfect for parents who are looking for some relaxing time away from the kids.  The resorts have a huge range of activities available such as tennis, golf and water sports such as snorkelling, surfing and windsurfing.

The area of Mancora is a relaxed beach front town that is the perfect place to start or end a holiday in Peru.  From Mancora other cities and tourist area are quite easy to get to by plane or using the local public transport.