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More than half of Peru’s employers have hiring difficulties

52 percent of Peruvian employers revealed to have difficulties finding professionals fitting their business necessities, which demonstrates a shortage of talent in Peru, according to Manpower Peru, a company specialized in the selection and evaluation of personnel.

This it is the result of the study “How to face the Talent Crisis” which is based on a survey made conducted in January among 37.000 employers from 27 countries, including 713 from Peru.

The greatest demand in Peru is apparently for sales reps. There is also a shortage among craftsmen such as carpenters, welders and plumbers; production operators and technicians; maintenance; engineers; accountants; machinists; and also for managers and executives.

Globally, 14 percent of the questioned enterprises said they have problems in obtaining new talent, whereas in Latin America, Costa Rica (93 %) and Mexico (82 %) demonstrated to have the greatest problems in finding new personnel.

Manpower Peru general manager Felipe Aguirre asserted that the government must lead the transformation of Peru’s education system, adapting it to economic requirements and necessities and where the country has a competitive advantage in a global context.

Aguirre added more investments in education and advanced professional training centers are needed to increase and intensify overall knowledge levels, including the learning of foreign languages, especially English since this is globally the commercial language par excellence.

The government must also maintain continuity in promoting training on new technologies which will rise the technical skill level.

“Peruvian education is not up-to-date and has to face a new reality. The State must have an integral vision and lead the educational transformation. Without this leadership economic growth at the current level cannot be maintained in the long-term”, he warned.

Aguirre also told Peruvian companies they will have to adopt new training strategies and skill development to face the competition.

Peru’s talent shortage puts many companies growth opportunities in danger and is therefore reason enough that actions must be taken immediately.

A solution to this problem will require strategic vision for human resource planning, qualification, development and retention of workers and employees, he concluded.

Wolfy Becker