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Nazca and Huacachina Peru

The small town of Huacachina is a beautiful little town that is located next to a natural oasis on the outer fringes of the desert.  The area is surrounded by great sand dunes which are part of the appeal for tourists that visit this area.  The town of Huacachina was built around the oasis in the 1920s and was very popular with people who travelled from all over the world to soak in the oasis waters which were rumoured to have health and medicinal properties.  Today the town of Huacachina is still popular with tourists but some of the areas that were built during the boom time for the area have started to look fairly neglected.  This area still attracts people who wish to experience the oasis but many people now visit and stay at Huacachina to experience some of the adrenaline activities and as a stepping stone to other nearby attractions such as the Nazca lines.

The town of Huacachina is located quite close to other areas that are popular with tourists such as Cuzco, Arequipa and Nazca.  There are also quite a few activities to participate in while staying in this oasis town.  Dune buggy rides are a popular activity with many tourist operators offering the opportunity to ride up and around the huge dunes that are present around the township.  The area also hosts sand surfing competitions with tourists able to hire sand boarding gear to try the sport for themselves.

As well as the activities in the town of Huacachina this area is also a great place to base yourself if you are planning on seeing the Nazca lines.  The town of Nazca and the famous Nazca lines and desert pictures are located quite close to the oasis town which makes it easy for day trippers to experience the mystery of the Nazca.

The Nazca lines and pictures were thought to have been created in the time that the Nazca Indians inhabited this area.  The lines and shapes would have taken some time to complete due to their size and detail.  There are many theories about why these lines and pictures were created but no one is quite sure why they were done.  The best way to see the lines and the pictures is to charter a plane or organise a flight through the many tourist companies that are located in Nazca.  The flight over these ancient and mysterious lines and pictures is well worth the money you will pay.