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Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters criticizes Bush, loves Peruvian culture

Roger Waters, one of the founders of legendary English rock band Pink Floyd, criticized the policies of U.S. president George W. Bush and said he is an admirer of Peru’s culture, especially of Machu Picchu.

Waters, who arrived in Lima on Saturday for his Monday night concert at the “El Monumental” football stadium, signed autographs for his fans and met with Peruvian foreign trade and tourism minister, Mercedes Aráoz who gave him a t-shirt with the image of Machu Picchu, a typical Peruvian “chullo” cap and two photo books: Peruvian landscapes and Peruvian cuisine.

“I love Machu Picchu”, he told journalists and revealed that he actually tried to book a short trip to the ancient Incan citadel but unfortunately a discrepancy between tour schedule and flight times didn’t allow it. “But I love to cook, too”, he added and slipped the t-shirt over his head.

The musician also advanced that he does not agree with “the policies” of U.S. president Bush and said he supports Mexican protests against a wall on the border between both countries. “They are doing the right thing when they protest. I’m on Mexico’s side”, he said.

Waters’ show tonight will include songs from his latest “Ca Ira” CD, excerpts from “The Wall”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Animals”, and the complete “Dark Side of the Moon”. During his interpretation of “Another brick in the wall”, the band will be accompanied by a choir of twenty 10-16 year old kids from the Cambridge school in Lima. Cambridge, England, is the home town of Roger Waters and the other founding members of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett and David Gilmour.

Article by Wolfy Becker