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Please Your Hunger With Peruvian Restaurants

If you are looking for cuisine that is both diverse and full of flavour then eating at a Peruvian restaurant is a good choice.  Cuisine from Peru has two main influences, the Spanish and also the traditional native Peruvians.  The Spanish influence can be seen in many of the dishes that have come to define Peru’s cuisine as well as the use of traditional Peruvian ingredients.  Many of the immigrants especially those from Spain modified traditional Spanish dishes to include Peruvian native ingredients as these were in more abundance than foods from Spain during this period of early settlement.

When dining at a Peruvian restaurant you will notice that many of the dishes contain the traditional staples of Peruvian cuisine corn, potatoes and beans.  Traditional Peruvian dishes also include staples that originated in Spain such as rice, wheat and meats such as beef and pork.  Peruvian food is also influenced by the region of Peru as well as the staple foods that are cultivated in different regions.

For people who are lucky enough to visit and stay in one or more of the cities in Peru, the choice of food at the many Peruvian restaurants is excellent.  Many people who visit Peru take this opportunity to try local cuisine especially the traditional dishes and foods they have not tried before.  One of the most popular dishes that is served in most Peruvian restaurants is ceviche which is the national dish of Peru and consists of seafood marinated in lemon, aji, coriander and garlic.  As you travel through the different regions you will experience changes in the dishes such as alpaca and other meat used in dishes eaten in the highland areas of Peru.  These dishes differ from the coastal cuisines which have rich sauces to cuisine served in these highland areas which are rich in spices.  The jungle regions of Peru also have some unique dishes with much of the focus on the unique fruits and vegetables that grow in these areas.

If you are travelling in Peru and you love to sample local foods and cuisine then you will not be disappointed when it comes to eating out in Peru.  Many restaurants will have traditional dishes you can try and many of these restaurants are also quite cheap in price.  For people who are travelling around the different regions of Peru it is a great opportunity to sample the different dishes that have made Peruvian food quite popular.