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Pope Benedict XVI send his greetings to the Peruvian people

Pope Benedict XVI sent his “deferential greetings to president Alan Garcia Perez” and to the “beloved Peruvian people” from Rome on Friday, after receiving credentials of the new Peruvian ambassador to the Vatican, Alfonso Rivero Monsalve.

“This meeting reminds us of the deep and profound love this nation has and always had with the church”, the pope expressed to the Peruvian diplomat.

The Holy Father also talked about the “profound changes” Peru is confronted with in regard to “social, political and economic transformations” and he observed that “there are processes that directly affect the people and their values”.

“One knows that Peru wants to have an adequate part of the globalization phenomenon and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by economic growth in order to create wealth and other social benefits obtained in an equitable way”, he declared.

He continued by pointing out that “Peruvians hope that health services or offered properly to all social layers; that education is the patrimony of all, (…) and that integrity reigns instead of corruption which enables the successful operation of various public institutions, thus helping the many suffering people to surpass hunger and misery”.

“The church, which recognizes the competency of the state on social, political and economic questions, assumes its own obligation — deriving from its evangelizing mission — to safeguard and spread the truth about the human person, the meaning of his life and his ultimate destiny, which is God,” the pope said.

Benedicto XVI emphasized that he and the Vatican will continue supporting all social efforts that are already carried out, so that there is always equality of opportunities and that the inalienable rights of each Peruvian are respected.

Article by Wolfy Becker