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Travel in Style with Sports Luggage

MW40_8938_NFL_ACCESSORIES_BILLS_MAINSports luggage is a specialized but increasingly growing market in travel. As more and more people have the means and motivation to travel, and as sports merchandise regains its popularity following the recession, the range of options has become broader over the last few years. Whether it’s to support your favourite team, to share your interests, or to promote yourself in your own sport, sports luggage is worth looking into if you’re a globetrotting sports fan.

Backpacks are some of the most popular types of sports luggage, for obvious reasons. They’re easy to carry around, they’re cheap, and they lend themselves well to all forms of travel—air, train, intercity, you name it. Sports logos can be printed across the body or in a more discreet size, depending on your preference. College team backpacks are especially popular among students and young adults, mostly because they’re also great for everyday use.

Duffel bags are also a great choice for those who have an active lifestyle, or who are into sports themselves. They’re roomy enough to carry bats, rackets, balls, shoes, skates, water bottles, and a change of clothes—everything you need for a full day of action. They also go easily into car trunks or back seats.  While they’re not as handy on a day-to-day basis as backpacks, they’re also useful for overnight stays and weekend trips.

For those who travel longer distances, trolley suitcases are a good choice. Bottom wheels allow for easy transport across airports, even for large weights. Several compartments allow you to organize your stuff, from clothes and large gadgets to smaller accessories like phones, notebooks, and passports. Sports logos also double as markers so you can easily find your luggage in the pile, which, as any frequent traveler will tell you, is a welcome convenience in the hustle and bustle of airports. Trolleys also come in several sizes so you can get just as much space as you need, whether it’s for a week visiting relatives or a month-long getaway overseas.

Many companies also now offer rolling duffel bags, which provide a convenient cross between hand-carried duffel and trolley bags. This allows you to carry your bag the way you see fit, whether it’s light enough to sling over your shoulder or is best pulled around on wheels. This is an increasingly popular option for young travelers, as it is both casual and stylish—and with a sports logo, it’s also a great way to show local support.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, it’s hard to go wrong with sports luggage. It shows off your tastes, makes air travel simpler, and allows you to carry your essentials around no matter where you are. Just find one that suits your needs and budget, and start traveling in style!