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Vaccinations recommended to have before travelling to Peru

There are no obligatory vaccination requirements when arriving in Peru, however, due to several health incidents in the past, tourists are encouraged to take several vaccinations against the most common diseases. One of them is the Yellow Fever vaccination. Especially if you are visiting infected area, it is crucial to have your vaccination certificate against yellow fever. You can find extensive information about the vaccination and the decease itself on Yellow fever is considered to be very serious as when affected the victim suffers through pain which can sometimes lead to fatality. Since the decease is carried through a special type of mosquitoe, it is very hard to prevent it and if you become affected, immediate medical assistance is required. In order to get vaccinated, you should visit special centres that specifically look after travellers to Latin America and to countries such as Peru. Your travel operator would be able to give you a proper guide on the locations of health centres in your area.

Another mandatory precaution is to protect yourself from diphtheria as it is quite widespread in Peru as well as typhoid, tetanus and hepatitis A and B. There were several cases of polio spotted so tourists should be aware of their risks towards this decease if they are not properly vaccinated beforehand. Another on the list of mandatory precautions is to get vaccinated against Tuberculosis. Even though the chances are very low, it is better not to take those chances and to enjoy your holidays in Peru in full.

Some areas of Peru had the outbreak of malaria. These areas are mostly very rural and, thus, if you have them on your destination list while in Peru, make sure you use good prophylaxis. Most of local health centres in your country will be able to provide you with all necessary information on how to do this, such as covering your arms and legs, and using insect repellent.

An additional health safety point is to make sure you drink only bottled water and not water from taps. This precaution will allow you not to become infected with gastro and other nasty decease with very unpleasant consequences. Though it is worth to mention that overall, if you are eating in relatively decent restaurants and eateries, there is very little chance to get poisoned or catch any unpleasant infection. This is great news considering that food in Peru is fantastic and you in no way should avoid the pleasure of eating and drinking out.