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Visa requirements for visiting or staying in Peru

As it is normal with many developing countries, entry visa are required for many nationalities. The good news about travelling to Peru is that if you are coming from EU, EEA, Australia, Asia, Pacific countries, South Africa and the Americas, you are not required to have tourist visa. The only condition is that you cannot stay in the country for longer than 90 days.  If you are travelling to Peru for business, then business visas are required for everyone including the countries mentioned above. The business visa is valid up to 90 days, however it requires you to submit a reference letter from your employer. If you require a visa on self-employed basis then you should provide your registration number with the chamber of commerce in your country which will describe your business, purpose of your visit and how long you will be staying. Both types of business visas require you to submit documents that prove you have enough of funds to stay in Peru for the period you have specified. There is extensive information about types of visa and requirement on the British website . Alternatively, the Peruvian embassy in your local country would also have relevant information on what type of visa you require and all application details and procedures. For instance, if you are travelling from Australia, the following website has the information you need

Worldtravel guide also has some useful information on all types of visas to Peru (…visa/…/Peru.html). This website gives a good summary of all requirements for getting visa for Peru. Business visas cost a marginal fee and usually do not take too long to process. Thus, overall it is relatively easy compared to other countries to come to Peru.

You need to make sure that you have a proper and valid passport which does not expire in within the three months of your travel. However, if you would like to be on the safe side, the best way would be to have your passport valid for next six months to avoid any trouble. Additionally, it is advisable to check if you have blank pages in your passport as Peruvian authorities require putting a stamp in your passport upon entry and departure from Peru. If you are planning to travel to other countries after Peru different from your home country, then you will be required to provide return tickets and information on the next travel destination. Peruvian authorities may also check for transit visas in this case of countries that you are transiting.