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Gocta Waterfalls in Peru

Up until recently, the Gocta waterfalls were not on the major attraction list in Peru. However, after their great discovery in 2005 we now know that northern Peru has something quite special to offer. It is considered to be the third largest waterfall in the world (although there is still some dispute over this) . It is surprising that the falls have come to the rest of the world’s attention so late since we are in the age of satellite images and satellite maps that can be easily found on Google Maps. Yet, here we are, in Peru with waterfalls that were until recently unknown to the world, apart from the locals who had kept it quite secret. To watch these amazing waterfalls, your journey should start in Chiclayo from where you drive more than ten hours through mountains to very reserved area of Amazon. It is no wonder that it gets that secluded that it is impossible to spot anything even as big as the newly discovered waterfall. It is one of those valleys that were inhibited thousand years ago by followers of Incas. The name of the waterfall is Gocta.

Needless to say that local people knew about the waterfall, however, somehow it was not really flagged to any interested parties as something worth visiting or that it could be potentially a huge tourist attraction.  However, after the word about Gocta has spread, tourists have started visiting. Yet, it is still often unknown to international tourists when the come to visit Peru. This waterfall is considered to be the tallest in the world and is more than two thousand five hundred feet, which definitely places it among the top three waterfalls in the world. So far the majority of tourists visiting the area are those that are interested in specialised archaeology and also bird watchers have added it to their “must see” list. Now waterfalls lovers are on the list as well.

When you reach San Pablo, which is quite a remote area and is the entry village prior to final destination to Gocta, expect lots of attention from local population (tourists are rare in the area). When you get to the waterfall, there will definitely be a big wow factor, as you will be surprised by the size – it is indeed an incredibly big waterfall. It is also very loud due to the large amount of water rushing down the mountain. The closer you get to the waterfall, the more the ground under your feet will be vibrating. It is an amazing place definitely worth visiting in Peru!